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Frequently Asked Questions

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All our micas can be used in Cold Process, Hot Process and Melt and Pour. They can also be used in Make-up, see the banner in left corner of each colourant image to see if they are lip or eye safe. Our micas can also be used in resin and epoxy art but not candles.

Micas are not water soluble. If you are going to use them in bath bombs you need to use Polysorbate 20

We have specific fizz bomb colours which will colour the water and are made specifically for bath bombs and bath salts. These are water soluble.



All our fragrances can be used in Cold Process, Hot Process, Melt and Pour and Bath Bombs. They can also be used in candles.



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Payment Methods And Refunds

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFT Secure and Yoco payments. We don’t accept personal checks or money orders

  • Any Payments made through Peach will be refunded through Peach and could take up to 8 working days

  • If you place an online order and pay online you will only get an paper invoice NOT an email invoice


Where are you based?

The factory is in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands and we do not have a shop.

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