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My name is Odette and I love anything soapy. Some years ago my sister, Karen, bought me a book on how to make soap and after my first attempt I was hooked. At first I made small batches without colour or scent and then Karen took me to Lush in London and I have never looked back. The possiblities are endless.

All Riverlea Soaps products have been tested extensively by family Guinea-pigs and friendly lab rats (poor dears). They contain vegetable oils only - no animal products and are minus any meanies (PRESERVATIVE FREE.)

 We use essential oils for both their beautiful aromas and their therapeutic properties but we also like Fragrance Oils -There are many aromas that are not available from natural sources.

We make our soap using a method known as "Cold Process." Oils and fats are heated then mixed with Sodium Hydroxide and water to saponify (neutralise) the oils, and turn them into soap. We use many vegetable oils including olive, coconut, shea butter, palm, sunflower and canola. 

We use micas and dyes in our soaps and bath bombs to create vibrant non bleeding colours in the soap and bath art in the bath bombs.

We recommend this programe for soapmaking

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