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A sun-kissed, evergreen pine fragrance.

Highly recommended for cleaning products.


CP: We highly recommend keeping your oil tempurature low at about 35°C (90°F) and hand stirring the fragrance into the soap batter at the last stage.

As always keep temps LOW and HAND stir into your soap batter at the end, after adding your colour.

Colour: Medium Pale 

Trace: No Acceleration

HP: Fine

MP: Fine

BB: Fine


Tested by Simona Van Der Sandt. See her results below:

"Fresh and clean. Smells just like a freshly washed load of laundry with a classic detergent."

Performance in CP soap:

Trace: No Acceleration 

Ricing: No 

Discolouration: None 

Scent Retention After 4 Weeks: Excellent 

Once added to soap batter it soaped beautifully without any acceleration. Perfect for intricate designs and scent retention is excellent. Overtime it mellows down to a pleasant fresh linen fragrance.

Fresh Laundry FO

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