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Oud, also known as oudh or agarwood, is a rare and precious fragrance ingredient. It’s extracted from the heartwood of Aquilaria trees, which become infected with a specific fungus. The scent of oud is rich, woody, and earthy, with layers of complexity. Imagine warm, smoky notes intertwined with dampened wood. It’s often described as musky and sensual

CP: We highly recommend keeping your oil temperature low at about 35°C (90°F) and hand stirring the fragrance into the soap batter at the last stage.

As always keep temps LOW and HAND stir into your soap batter at the end, after adding your colour.

Colour: Brown

Trace: TO TEST


HP: May colour slightly if base is white

MP: May colour slightly if soap is white

BB: May colour slightly if they are white 

Oak Oudh FO

PriceFrom R38,00
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