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A most beautiful, delicate Rose fragrance, definitely one of our favourites.


Best in MP. Not Suitable for CP


Tested by Simona Van Der Sandt. See her results below:

"This Fragrance oil by Riverlea is a delicate floral feminine blend. It reminds me of fresh cut roses with herbal note of geranium coming through later on."

Performance in CP soap: 

Trace: Fast, best mixed in by hand

Ricing: No

Discolouration: None 

Scent Retention After 4 Weeks: Faint

Once added to soap batter it set up super fast (just enough to mix by hand and pour). Best use for single colour or layered soap. Once in the mould it heated up fast and gelled.

Rose Geranium FO

PriceFrom R40,00
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