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Brush Embroidery on Soaps

It has been a while since I entered a soap challenge the Soap Challegne Club but we have been ridiculously busy (YAY) and have, therefore, had very little time for fun stuff.

When I saw the email from Amy that they would be featuring Brush embroidery I decided to take a littl ebit of time to watch the videos adn learn this new technique.

Well my first challenge was to actually see the videos. My internet is not great on the farm and try as I might I could not download them. So I just winged it. "How hard can it be"? I said

mmmmmm. Pretty hard. I had the wrong type of brush and too much soap as my technique was crap...Anyway I had fun and I learned a lot.

This is a time consuming exercise but the result is REALLY pretty.

Thanks, Amy, for for always pushing me beyond my limits.


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