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Glow In the Dark Bath Bombs

I am sure you have seen some of our previous posts and you can see how much we love bath bombs.

We thought we were hooked before we made these BUT now we are real addicts!!

Making them was fun but using them was even more fun. Once they are "charged" up and in the water they look like molten lava fizzing in the bath.


2 cups bicarbonate of soda

1 cup citric acid

2tsp fragrance - Elegant Goddess

3tsp Polysorbate 80

1/4tsp water - maybe even less

1/4tsp Glow in the dark powder


Moulds to press the mixture into


Whisk or electric hand mixer



Measure out your bicarb and sieve into a bowl

Measure out your Citric acid and put aside

Measure your Fragrance, water and Polysorbate 80 into a jug and stir

Add this mixture to your bicarb and stir well, either by hand or with a hand mixer

Add your powdered colour and mix well

Add your citric acid and stir again (I know a lot of mixing)

And Stir

Squeeze the mixture and see if it holds together

Get your moulds and fill them by scooping up mixture, levelling off and then pressing down really hard.

Turn them out on a tray.

Leave them to dry for 24hours then charge them up under a light or in the sun for 20 minutes. Pop them in your bath, turn off the lights and let the fizzy fun begin


Jul 21, 2022

Do you sell polysorbe 80

Odette Handley
Odette Handley
Jul 21, 2022
Replying to

HI Cindy - saw your message about poly 80. We do not sell 80

BUT we do sell Poly 20 which is what we use and it works fine.

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