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Little Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We shape our own lives to a large extent but people play a part in how we behave and the decisions we make. When you see these two children and how they are striving to change their lives you know they will be a success.

These two little entrepeneurs are just 11 years old and twins.

This is James and Justine.

Just before lockdown James, Justine and their mom , Mel, came to stay. Lockdown hit and they were unable to go home. There is only so much you Math you can do in a day. After a while they both wanted something more to keep them occupied and to give them a break from their lessons.

I showed James and Justine how to sew and suggested they make Covid face masks while they were with us. It gave them something to do but it also helped them earn a bit of money.

They have made all the masks on the Riverlea site

Lockdown is coming to an end and now they they realise that children will be going back to school and many businesses will be re-opening. They feel very strongly about this spread of the virus and are worried. They want to continue making masks to help people and keep earning some money.

Justine is a master stitcher and loves to sew the masks

While James has become a wizz with the iron and can press a perfect seam.

The beautiful masks on our site are made by James and Justine and all the money raised from the sale of the masks is donated to the 3 of them. Many families have been affected by the virus and this money will go a long way to help their family.


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