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Using our fragrances

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Good news, we have information of how our fragrances behave in soap and what colour they are naturally when no colourant has been added to the soap.

This information is based on Cold Process soap.

Most of our fragrances work in CP, and all will work in MP and HP but you will need to look at the banner on the top of the fragrance on the website.

We tested a lot of fragrances but only bought a few as many did not keep their smell.

Our PICK OF THE CROP is Zesty Fresh. It remains fairly pale in uncoloured soap and keeps its smell for a really long time.

Our temperatures are kept low at about 30-32 C and we never use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, only Pomace.

We never stick blend the fragrances. We hand stir them at the very end.

If you find that a fragrance does not work the way you wanted then use the fragrance for a different design - ie make layers or confetti soap out of it.

All our fragrances can be found here

Fragrance testing for Cold Process Soap

We tested a lot but only a few made the grade

We have just bought in a few more fragrances which we will test and give the results.


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