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When is best to stamp my soap?

Cold processed stamped soap
Perfectly stamped soap

How many days should I wait before I stamp my soap?

Every recipe will be slightly different but we generally wait 4-5 days after cutting our logs into bars. If your soap still feels sticky and you have waited 5 days try 1 bar as a test and see. If your recipe is soft then you’ll have to wait longer than 5 days but if your stamp pushes nicely into the soap and comes out clean without the stamp sticking then you're good to go.

If the weather is hot and dry then your wait time might be reduced. Sometimes we have waited less than 3 days but sometimes we have waited more than 5 days. Knowing your recipe and how your soap behaves is vital in knowing when is best to stamp.

If you have a very simple stamp without too many details, you may find that you can stamp your soap softer. If your stamp is very detailed then you have to wait or the soap will stick and fill in all the fine details.

These pictures below show the raised lettering of the soft soap that stuck to the stamp as we pulled it out.


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