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Creating Red in Christmas Soap - Cold process

It is so hard to achieve a red color in cold process soap because it is a white , cream or sometimes green batter/ base. Basic colour theory tells us that adding any color to a white base results in a more pastel shade. When you add colour to cold process soap batter, it usually results in a lighter shade. To darken the it, we would think to add more more colourant. Adding red to white soap base will mostly give you a pink colour and if you keep adding colour until you think you have a red enough base your bubbles will also be red.

Most people have asked us to help out with a red from the colours that we sell here at Riverlea so after much testing we have come up with this red which we have used in our Christmas Soap.

To get this red we mixed the following colours:

We used the following ratio 3:1:1

This might not be a pillar box red but we are really happy with it.


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