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Equipment you need to make Soap

You do not need expensive equipment to make soap at home. If you look in your kitchen you probably have most items righth there.

Just remember that once you haev used an item to make soap you cannot use it back in the kitchen to cook your food!

1. Scale - You need something that is accurate! Not and old scale used by Granny. You should get a digital one!

2. Thermometer – I do not use one but it might be best in the beginning to get the temps right.A digital one is best and they are easily available since Covid hit us.

3. Immersion Blender (Stick Blender) - see my post on which one is best

4. Containers for Measuring & Mixing Lye - use plastic as I am afraid of breaking glass, do not use anything metal

5. Containers for Mixing the Soap Batter - plastic mixing bowls work well adn so do buckets

6. Heavy Duty Plastic or Silicone Spoons & Spatulas - I use plastic mixing spoons adn silicone spatulas. Do not use wood or metal.

7. Gloves & Goggles - kitchen gloves work well and so do single use gloves. If you wear glasses your are good to go but if not then saftey goggles are a MUST. Back in the day I used to use my swimming goggles!!

8. Soap Molds - see my post on how I make my own. If you dont want to make your own we will be adding silicone moulds to the website soon.

Happy soap making


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