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Stick Blenders - Are they all the same?

We get asked all the time about which stick blenders are the best to use in soap making.

We decided to make it easy and show you with pictures.

Most people would not realise the importance of the slits in the shaft but if you're a soap maker, you will know that bubbles are your worst enemy and a solid shaft does not allow the bubbles to escape.

In the picture above, you will see that none of the shaft bases have slits and therefore are not suitable as they will trap the bubbles in the soap mixture. If you already have this type of stick blender don't panic, it still can be used by inserting it into the soap batter and tapping it on the bottom of your container until the bubbles are released.

If you are in the market for a new stick blender, we would recommend the style as per picture below.

As you can see the slits in the base will allow trapped air bubbles to escape, thus ensuring a smooth and bubble free batter.

We hope this tip helps!

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